Why Content Marketing is Indispensable for Startups

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Startups naturally run into the initial problem of “nobody has heard of you”. Which means marketing would be indispensable to get your brand awareness going.

Usually, startups will go for buying ads on Facebook and Google. While they’re definitely on the right track, they can improve their presence on these two platforms with the use of content.

Here are a few proven reasons why content marketing would benefit startups even while the company is still young.


1. It’s great for SEO

There’s no harm in spending on Google Adwords to advertise your product or service. However, building organic traffic pays off in the long run.

And one of the things that Google Search likes the most is good content.

Give people a reason to visit your website, with something informative, educational, interesting, or entertaining. More traffic and more backlinks mean better rankings on Google.

But having good rankings won’t happen overnight. That’s why the earlier you start, the better.

Example: TheLorry.com runs a blog to improve their search rankings for keywords like “lorry rental”.

2. It reaches your audiences at a relatively low cost

If you’re a startup, chances are you won’t have a large marketing budget. That means you’ll have to be really careful on where you put your eggs.

A really bad idea is to spend a pretty penny on TV commercials or billboards. The cost would be too high, and your reach could be too broad to be effective.

Wouldn’t it be better to try reaching those who are most likely to become your customers?

Example: iMoney.my creates personal-finance articles that will interest the same audiences who would benefit from using their card search services.

So instead of casting your net far and wide, zero in to your lowest hanging fruit. Define your audience on Facebook, and figure out what it is that would most likely catch their attention.

3. It complements the products/services of startups

Valuable startups typically offer something few or no other companies do. That’s what make them special.

However, audiences sometimes need some convincing when faced with new concepts. Content would be a good way to illustrate how your product or service is good for people.

Let’s say you are a startup that delivers healthy food. It would be a sound strategy to include a blog on your website, that talks about healthy eating.

That would be the best place for your to explain what it is exactly that makes your food so healthy.

Example blog posts: Why we use olive oil and so should you, The long list of nutritional benefits of avocados, Cheap, quick, but unhealthy: why mamak should not be your lunch everyday.

Posts like these will give your audiences reasons to consider purchasing. Try doing that in an expensive magazine ad.


Creating content is not a total replacement of your other marketing activities. You should definitely gun for press coverage, especially if your startup has something unique worth talking about.

But the long-term effects of investing in content will be worth it if you start right away, if you do it right.

Some Malaysian small businesses are trying it already, and so should you.

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