19 Brands that Crisply Responded to #RendangGate

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In the past week, Malaysians find themselves in a rare moment of united solidarity. That is, when our beloved cuisine is attacked. This crispy piece of news has evoked so much furor, it has its own hashtag #rendanggate.

To join in the conversation, these Malaysian brands have posted their own responses on social media.

TGV Cinemas

Being one of the first to post a response, they made a statement followed by a mention of their own crispy product. Two birds with one stone.

KFC Malaysia

That night, the fried chicken chain gave us this. Two words is all it takes.

Malaysia Airlines

The next day, MAS posts their own. Apt, as they happen to serve rendang in their flights.

Rail Canteen

This restaurant touts their own chicken rendang in its non-crispy goodness.

Domino’s Pizza

Not quite crispy, but crunchy crust is close enough.


Also pushing their own side product.

Secret Recipe Malaysia

As it happens, they serve actual crispy chicken. Perfect opportunity.


This South Korean fried chicken chain seeks an end to the argument.


While they didn’t make a dedicated post, this comment they made is worth noting. They made their stance of not wanting to talk about it, perhaps they don’t need to. And they’re not afraid to proclaim it with a meme.


They don’t serve chicken in any form, but they find relevance to the story in a cheeky way.


This burger chain was compelled to post a reminder that they serve nasi lemak rendang burgers. In response to many Facebook users requesting for crispy chicken burgers.


This markeplace enables you make your own rendang, with the cookware they sell.


Once you have the cookware, get the right ingredients.

Tesco Malaysia

And don’t forget the chicken itself.


The relevance is not as strong here, but they played on the word “recipe”.


Also not quite relevant, but they jumped on the bandwagon in the form of a promo code. A method different from the others.


Playing on the meaning of the word instead, the opposite of crispy.

The Republic of Singapore Air Force

Our neighbours in Singapore have also chimed in.

Singapore civil defense force

Another one by a Singaporean organization, this one in the form of a PSA.

News-jacking isn’t a new concept, but it’s the execution that matters.

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