It's 2019. We already know that your mobile device is the center of your world.

But some businesses are still not keeping up with this reality. It's not enough that you decide to buy some Google Ads every now and then.

You have to ensure that your entire web presence suits how consumers behave. Which is still evolving today.

Thankfully, Google is keeping an eye on how people are behaving when it comes to mobile usage and purchase-decisions. Here are some key takeaways.

Even if you're a brick-and-mortar retailer with no e-commerce, list all your products online anyway.

Because people would still research you before stepping in your store.

Call them impatient, but they want to know that you carry the item they want, and that you have it in stock. So that they can buy it off you without the friction of having to ask you in person or over the phone.

When consumers don't have a particular brand in mind, they will search on Google first.

Google has found that mobile searches that look like this are on the rise:

"best __ brands"

This is so that they know what brand to look out for when they visit your store. Or maybe they end up deciding to buy online instead.

Which means that it's not enough that your website ranks well on Google Search, you should also capture attention by appearing on third-party reviews.

Images are increasingly sought after when researching products.

People want to see what they buy before buying. Therefore, their search experience with you must accommodate this.

Sure, you may already have product photos on your site. But you should take it as far as you can.

  • Have multiple photos for each and every single item you carry, taken from different angles.
  • Publish the photos in high resolution, but optimize your image sizes so they load faster.
  • Ensure each image has an alt tag with the full name of your product and variant.
  • Display your product images in a mobile-friendly gallery. When in doubt, a photo grid like Instagram would work fine.


We highly recommend you read Google's reports, linked above. The long and short of it has always remained the same: that being mobile-first always prevails for B2C businesses. It's just a matter of a deeper understanding and implementing accordingly.

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