While consumption of content in digital space sees no decline, many have asserted that Print is Not Dead. In the realm of news and journalism, the paradigm shift from print to digital has not yet manifested as a mass exodus.

That being said, print can still be a useful medium for brands in the realm of marketing. In fact, companies are increasingly taking advantage of synergistic strategies that combine the powers of print and digital marketing.

Consumers usually encounter product catalogs and promotional leaflets when it comes to printed material from brands. But when it comes to content marketing, one can flex their branding muscle in this medium.

  1. Magazines

    • For hobbyists and enthusiasts, magazines are a valuable source of information, from news to how-tos. As well as a means to maintain the love from loyal fans of the brand. Examples: Lego Club Magazine, Harvard Business Review, AirBNB's Pineapple, The Red Bulletin.
    • While some foresee a particular evolution of magazines in the digital world, there’s nothing quite like the notion of picking up a copy in a waiting room. And the feeling on your fingers as you flip the pages.
  2. Non-periodical publications
    • In certain situations, printing one-off publications can be a strong branding exercise. Rolex releases books illustrated beautifully with photography to document their long-standing history. Ferrari has their collector’s books, also with photography to please avid fans. Companies with prolific founders have autobiographies written as yet another means of strengthening the brand.
  3. Booklets
    • While the above formats are more suited for premium brands, booklets would prove to be more accessible for others. This medium allows you to extend the world of your brand without having to commit to making a periodical.
    • Examples: Comics for kid-friendly products or movie tie-ins. Illustrated health articles for health-related brands. Lookbooks for fashion outlets.
    • Having these sorts of booklets printed can easily be done through an online service like Gogoprint.

With some creativity, brands can harness the power of print in various ways to tell their story, more ways than the conventional three above. It’s just a matter of having a perspective of enriching a consumer’s experience of the brand.

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