Anmum Malaysia launches #WhatsInTheMilk campaign

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Anmum Malaysia has been sporadically delving into video content marketing in recent years. Their latest foray comes in the form of a cute short dubbed “What’s in the milk?”.

Published on Sep 26, 2016

Following a fictitious character named Adam the Curious Kid, this piece light-heartedly surfaces the issue of added sugars in milk. With a hashtag (#WhatsInTheMilk) to boot, Anmum has taken a fitting USP of their product to a higher and hopefully nobler appeal.

Interested viewers are led to their website where they elaborate the added sugar topic in further detail. This is further supported in the blogosphere through posts by Isaac Tan and Ben Ashaari.

On the social space, influencers join the conversation.

This is a case of how video content can complement an integrated campaign, to serve as a hook and social currency.

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