Good writing takes practice.

Writing prompts are like the exercises a runner performs other than the actual running. Because being a good runner also involves taking care of the physique as a whole.

Same goes for writing. Your next novel / screenplay / piece shouldn’t be the only thing you ever write. I believe that creativity is a muscle and you should keep it strong. Buying books for writing prompts will be like equipping your personal ‘gym’.

Try these books for size.

The Writing Prompt Journal

Good for: self-discovery and alleviating self-doubt.

Price: $10.99

F’n Prompts: Writing Prompts with Some F’n Balls

Good for: embolding you for gritty subject matters

Price: $12.99

The Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Guide

Good for: character creation

Price: $10.39

642 Big Things to Write About: Young Writer’s Edition

Good for: young writers

Price: $4.34 paperback

Writing Prompts: For the Creatively Insane

Good for: stretching your imagination to the weird and wonderful

Price: $6.99

Prompt Me: Sci-Fi & Fantasy: Workbook & Journal

Good for: science fiction & fantasy genres

Price $9.95

300 Creative Writing Prompts: The Complete Fiction Writer’s Journal

Good for: fiction writers in general

Price: $9.98

The Amazing Story Generator: Creates Thousands of Writing Prompts

Good for: high number of possibilities through combinations

Price: $13.46

The Writing Prompts Journal: 365 Prompts for 365 Days 

Good for: creating a daily routine

Price: $7.99


Creative Writing – From Think To Ink

This book presents an alternative school of thought: that you don’t need a whole lot of prompts to improve your writing.

Price: $12.99

What do you think of this selection? What’s your experience with writing prompts? Or do you not need any at all? Tell us in the comments 🙂