5 Key Statistics on Malaysian Facebook users in 2017

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We take another look at the basic stats of Facebook users, to get big-picture look on how things have changed since the previous year.

20m – 25m monthly active people

This range remains unchanged from 2016.

66% of all Male users and 62% of all Female users are aged 18-34.

This figure is a drop from 2016. This can mean either or both of two things:

  1. Facebook audiences are aging
  2. More people above the age of 34 are signing up as new users

56% English, 26% Malay, ~10% Chinese, 6% Indonesian

Compared to 2016 figures, English figures have dropped by 3% and Malay figures have increased by 1%.
We still surmise that not all non-English speakers decide to change the language settings on Facebook.

Relationship Status and Education level

Half the Malaysian audiences claim to be married, and more than half claim to be educated at least at college-level.

Top pages

As of date, these are the pages with the highest Malaysian likes.

  1. McDonald’s – 2.2 million likes
  2. Lazada – 2.1 million likes
  3. KFC – 1.8 million likes
  4. Mudah – 1.7 million likes
  5. Vonvon US – 1.6 million likes
  6. Samsung – 1.4 million likes
  7. Polis Diraja Malaysia – 1.3 million likes
  8. 11street MY – 1.3 million likes
  9. Tourism Malaysia – 1.2 million likes
  10. Pizza Hut – 1.2 million likes

Data extracted from Facebook Audience Insights: 20th May 2018

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