5 Key Statistics on Malaysian Facebook users in 2016

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UPDATE: See 2017 numbers here.

To better understand your target audiences on Facebook, you must first look at the statistics. From a bird’s eye view downwards, the numbers will help in your marketing strategy.

As of writing, this is a snapshot of some basic Facebook user metrics in Malaysia.

20m – 25m monthly active people

Note: In 2016, Facebook officially changed the name of this metric from “users” to “people”.

56% are Male, 44% are Female

Overall, there are more male Malaysian Facebook users than female. However, for the 34-44 segment and older, the opposite seems to be the case.

Also: 77% of all Male users and 64% of all Female users are aged 18-34.

59% English, 25% Malay, ~10% Chinese, 5% Indonesian

There are also small segments of people who use Facebook in Thai, Vietnamese, and Arabic.
Note: not all non-English speakers decide to change the language settings.

74% are on Mobile only, 23% on both desktop and mobile

This is yet another indication that smartphone usage has become so strong, that personal computers have taken a backseat in certain aspects.

Also: 76% use Android devices, 10% use iPhone/iPod devices.

48% are Married, 35% are Single

And 13% set their relationship status to “In a Relationship”.

Source: Facebook Audience Insights, extracted on 15 May 2017

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