3 Types of Youtube Videos Malaysians Watch the Most

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Part of content marketing is knowing what your audiences would like. One way to know which Youtube videos are highly viewed by Malaysians would be the view count. However, it shouldn’t be the only metric as it poses these fallibilities:

  • The view count is cumulative. It could be a high number because it is an old video.
  • The view count adds up all views from around the world. Unless you are the publisher of that video, you wouldn’t know how many views come from Malaysia.

How else would you know what is popular among Malaysians?

Allow me to introduce Youtube’s Popular Right Now – Malaysia. It is an automatically-generated playlist of videos that are recently popular in Malaysia.

Updated daily, this playlist is generated from an algorithm set by the people at Youtube. So we don’t know that exact criteria for videos to make it in this list. But we do know that this playlist is a rough indication of what local audiences watch.

Having observed this playlist for some days, I noticed a particular recurring pattern. These three types of videos appear often:

1. Children’s shows

This is likely to be a result of parents keeping their children entertained with Youtube. These videos seem to target the age range of toddlers and pre-schoolers.

We see the likes of Upin & Ipin, Boboiboy, FUNnel Vision, Baby Toon.

2. Chinese Variety/Entertainment

With full episodes being uploaded online, these shows from China seem to be popular among the local Chinese-speaking audiences. We’re talking professionally-produced shows like Sing!China, RunningMan China, HunanTV‘s shows, and of the sort.

3. Tamil dramas

These long-running shows from India are also being uploaded on Youtube in entirety. You’ll find titles like Deivamagal, Vaani Rani, shows by Vision Time, plus many trailers of Tamil movies.

4. News and incidents

Youtube is certainly becoming a source of news, with channels like Sinar TV, Oriental Daily News Malaysia, The Rakyat Post Network, and KiniTV. There is also a certain fascination with raw CCTV, dashcam, or phone camera clips of incidents such as crime, public mishaps, and perhaps the supernatural.

Honourable mentions

Local music videos, sports, local buzz and entertainment, the occasional cute video, and popular videos from overseas.


Based on this playlist, localized content appears to have plenty of traction. As for viral videos from abroad, the ones that has less talking and more visually impactful (cute, slapstick, disgusting, etc.) get the views.

Some of these types may be unfeasible or inappropriate as branded content, but this will help get a sense of what’s being watched.

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