These 3 Found Success Using Pokémon Go in Content Marketing

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Part of creating valuable content is to make good use of timely news or trends (admittedly, that describes this very article). And what’s currently trending? Pokémon Go. A topic talked about by players and even non-players.

And every marketer should know that they need to understand what their audiences like, to push their products/services.

Here are three examples of content marketing that made very good use of Pokémon Go.

1. Pokemon Go warnings by Magdalena Proszowska

This digital illustrator, based in Germany, started playing Pokémon Go when it became available in her country. She quickly realized that other players seem to be inadequately aware of their surroundings. So she took it upon herself to draw up a warning sign to encourage others to be more careful while on the the quest to catch them all.

Don't be a Snorlax

The result? Her three-panel artwork got highly upvoted on Reddit, and became her most viewed piece of work on her Behance page. In fact, she got so many requests for a printable version, she went ahead to create one.

On top of being helpful and timely, the execution of her delightful drawings certainly became well-liked by users.

2. Where Are The Pokémon?

You could say that the people behind the website is capitalizing on the current popularity of Pokémon Go by selling merchandise. But I prefer to think that the existence of this website and shop is enriching the culture that this game had established many years ago.


The admirable part of this is their use of content. They could’ve easily just pushed their products on all fronts. But they chose to invest their time and effort into creating useful content, that spans news, how-tos, videos, and even tools. Not only did they serve the player community, they also effectively drew in visitors to their website.

3. Pokémon Theme Song by Jason Paige

Who stands to gain from the revitalized popularity of the Pokémon franchise? How about the very person who sung the iconic theme song from the TV show?

What he did was very smart marketing indeed. He released a video of himself performing the song in a studio.

A video that, of course, went viral.

At time of writing, the video hit 700k views on Youtube in 6 days, and half a million views on Facebook in just 15 hours.

What better way to promote his live show?

This is fantastic example of riding on a popularity surge, both in marketing and to some extent the product. And it work fantastically for Jason, as he had a hand in creating the nostalgia that Pokémon fans know all too well.


We have to remember that not all brands can leverage on all trends. Sometimes, there simply isn’t a fit.

But when there is one, you stand to gain a large view count.

Any other examples of content marketing based on Pokémon you could find in the wild?

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  • Riz

    Wow. That theme song is hilarious! What a way to capitalize on this Pokemon craze. 1.7million views today. Crazy.

    Great list, Jason! And thanks for dropping by our blog too!

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