3 Content Marketing Learnings from NERF Malaysia

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Hasbro Toys has its foothold in the Malaysian toy market for more than 20 years. One of their popular product lines, NERF guns, is targeted at the young male crowd. Such an audience, in the right demographic, is found to increasingly consume entertainment through digital platforms. So they turned content marketing, by creating NERF TV Malaysia on Youtube in 2015.

While it’s hard to see how well it did in terms of ROI without the toy company divulging numbers, they did a few things right in our books. Here’s what we can learn from the way they rolled out their content.

1. Do not rely on the ‘viral video’

In the early 2010s, the marketing world saw a gold rush to create a video in the hopes of getting that million-view mark. Today, content marketers have learned that it is better to create a following than have a one-hit wonder.

So Hasbro Malaysia created NERF Fortress: a mini gameshow than spanned a few short-form episodes.

If a viewer is interested enough to stay tuned for the next episode in a given series, they would likely subscribe. This way, marketers can assess the campaign in more than just the one-dimensional metric of video views.

2. If your product is entertaining, show it in action

There is only so much you can show in a 30-second commercial. With this series in a 5-minute episode format, Hasbro showed just how fun NERF guns are on a deeper level. They demonstrated a game that audiences can play right at home, and gave them contestants to root for so they have a reason to come back next episode.

3. Understand what your audiences like

A key part of content marketing is creating things that audiences will find valuable and interesting. This notion should go right down to the execution level. NERF TV Malaysia crafted the details of their videos with their target male audiences in mind: from the video editing to the selection of talent.

Seeing as how NERF Fortress comes in a different format than their videos from 2015, it looks like Hasbro Malaysia is willing to experiment. And that they find video content to be a worthy investment. Let’s see what they do next year.

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